History of the Playground

In 1993, a group of dedicated volunteers built Kids' Crossing Playground at its current location. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of workers and a strong Steering Committee, the dreams of children twenty years ago became a reality in just five days of construction. A few months ago, Bruce Abernethy, one of the 1993 General Coordinators, was contacted by the City of Fort Pierce, who owns the land where the playground is located, and was informed that the structure needed to be replaced due to safety concerns from two decades of use.

Knowing the need for a community gathering and play area, Bruce reached out to Joey Trefelner, who agreed to volunteer as the 2013 General Coordinator. Joey developed a Steering Committee of talented individuals drawing from the original group of volunteers and reaching out to new families.

Using today's composite materials, along with long-term care and maintenance, the new structure will have a guaranteed lifespan of up to 50 years, making a place for many generations to enjoy. The older playground structure is scheduled to be razed in the fall of 2013, with the new playground built shortly thereafter.