2013 Playground Design

On November 8, 2012, the same brainstorming sessions that occurred 19 years ago took place with a group of local children as part of "Design Day." Professional playground design company, Leather's & Associates, along with area volunteers traveled to St. Andrews Episcopal School, Fairlawn Elementary, St. Anastasia Catholic School, and Frances K. Sweet Elementary to meet with students from kindergarten to fifth grade on "Design Day." Students shared their dreams for the "best playground ever built."

During the energy-packed brainstorming sessions, pint-sized "playground experts" helped to explain a variety of swings, slides, and exciting features they wanted to see on the new playground site. These dreams have been compiled and have become the working plans for the 2013 Kids' Crossing Playground re-build project.

During the afternoon of the 8th, the playground design professionals developed a comprehensive schematic featuring as many of the details described as possible. An unveiling celebration was held that evening for the children and the community, as well as an explanation of how the building process will occur.

"This is a great way for our community to once again come together in support of a positive project. We looking forward to building something that will be a gathering place everyone to enjoy for several decades," remarked Joey. Special attention is also being made to ensure children of all abilities can play, using insight from parent volunteers and a Special Needs Coordinator. In addition, local historical landmarks have been incorporated into the design, as well as future events for local artists to add their creative talents to the project.